At Inconnection, we know how to get results - but we also know it's not always easy. Inspiring and motivating employees is often the toughest challenge managers face. Our Rewards Platform is a cloud-based system built around your needs and organisation - making it easy for structured rewards programmes to be created, managed and monitored in support of your organisation goals.

01. Everything you need

With our modular system, you can build a rewards platform that's both aimed at your business goals and appealing to your employees. Choose from modules designed around recognition, performance and development or create a bespoke solution with everything you need. Find out more below. 


02. Easy to monitor

At its heart, MyRewards is a points banking platform that makes it easy to track progress across individuals and your entire organisation. Whether rewarding colleagues, customers or business partners, the platform keeps you in control, with all the measures you need to monitor the effectiveness of your programmes.

03. Grows with you

Every MyRewards package starts with a points banking platform which you can build upon as much or as little as you like, whenever you like. You can test the water with the starter package and upgrade when you're ready or you can enjoy the full benefits of MyRewards from day one. Find out more about our packages below.


04. Wherever you are

Built for local businesses and multinational corporations alike, it doesn't matter whether your employees are in Manchester or Massachusetts. Not only can you incentivise individuals around the globe but the platform also acts as a hub to promote a sense of team identity, even if your employees are miles apart. 

05. Find out more

For a comprehensive overview of the MyRewards platform, download our PDF brochure by clicking the button below. You'll find information about the platform features, modules and points awards along with package details and estimated time to launch. A member of the Inconnection team is also always on hand if you'd like to chat.

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