We’re a well-established and hugely experienced live, virtual and hybrid events agency specialising in engagement and the power of the shared experience. From global live events to services such as MemMail, Ready Made Events and Pay Per Engagement Events, we’re your stepping stone to getting the results you need in today’s world.

Our Story 

Over 20 years ago, professional golfer, MD Nick Hamilton, turned his hand to live events. Starting with what he knew best, corporate golf events, he saw the power of bringing people together and face-to-face connection. Golf events quickly turned evolved into speaker events, sports dinners, and private dining experiences before becoming the Inconnection we know today. 

The Inconnection of today is known for delivering events of all sizes and scale, to any brief or specification. From large-scale international conferences, to intimate dinners and creative virtual events - there's almost nothing we haven't done in our decades of being in the industry.

But the one thing that hasn't changed is our passion and drive for the thing that started it all: human connection. We know that in the business world, nothing beats making an emotional connection whether that's with another individual, a brand or an experience. 

More recently, we've faced challenges that have rocked every single industry around the globe. In March 2020, when the UK went into lockdown and live events were on pause for over a year, we had to find new ways to continue making those emotional connections for our clients. 

In all our 20 years, 2020 was arguably the biggest year of innovation for Inconnection and saw us develop 3 new services that have become staples in our clients' everyday business. 

To find out more, see our list of services below or don't hesitate to pick up the phone or send an email. Call us on 0161 498 3311 or email us at hello@inconnection.uk.com. 

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