Inconnection is a live, hybrid and virtual events agency committed to delivering results in an ever-changing world. With decades of experience and a strong track record of success, we’re your connection to everything that makes events successful. We know how to transform the mundane into the magnificent and the ordinary into the extra-ordinary, whilst never losing sight of your business goals.

Ultimately, we’re experts in people, knowing how to motivate, reward, engage and incentivise to transform your challenges into action.

Ready Made Events

Designed and delivered as a complete package, our Ready Made Events skilfully combine everything we know and love for an unforgettable experience. Available as virtual, hybrid or socially distanced, you can finally reconnect with customers and colleagues or you can leverage the opportunity to expand the reach of your events beyond what was previously possible. Find out more about comedy nights, cooking classes, beer tasting and more below.

Event Types

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Travel restrictions and social distancing measures have challenged and changed the way the world does business. But in the wake of traditional meetings and events lie new opportunities that forward-thinking businesses can capitalise on. Inconnection has the technology and in-house expertise to help you succeed in the new normal. Find out more from our event technology experts now.



Whether it’s nurturing leads, staying in touch or closing the deal, our MemMail service is there for the moments that really matter. We understand how important it is to keep business relationships thriving in the real world, so when an email or phone call just won’t cut it, speak to us and send something directly to their desk instead. For one-off sends, strategic campaigns and event enhancements, click the button below.

Send It

Powerful Platforms

Technology doesn’t power business – people do. But who are your people? Do you know what drives your employees, customers and partners? Engagement is a challenge but not one that you can’t overcome with our help and expertise. Our project management, reward and feedback technology platforms help businesses achieve their goals every day. Click below to find out more.