Corporate hospitality, a successful B2B marketing and sales strategy, offers numerous benefits such as networking, relationship maintenance, and reputation building. It has emerged as a proven growth strategy for businesses of all sizes, providing flexibility through a range of year-round events to cater to clients' or partners' specific needs.

If you want to learn more, check out the power of corporate hospitality, or if you want to discuss corporate hospitality plans with us, you can contact us via email or give us a call on 0161 498 3311.

You can also discover the best upcoming corporate hospitality events in our digital calendar, or request a physical desk calendar to keep all your corporate hospitality needs at the tip of your fingers.

01. Tailored Package

As experts in having a good time, we know how to tailor the perfect hospitality package. We make it our mission to not only understand you, but also your group for a spectacular event that hits the right note. Over the years we’ve sourced tickets for the most sought after events, including ringside seats at the boxing and VIP packages to the Grand Prix so no matter how tall your order, it’s worth a conversation.

02. The Build Up

Whether it’s centre court at Wimbledon or the best view of the finish line at Royal Ascot, Inconnection can get you there. But it’s not just about the event itself, from the invitations your guests receive to the detailed itineraries we create and distribute, the buzz generated beforehand is all part of us creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

03. On the Day

Our event organisers have already laid the groundwork for a fantastic day but should you need anything, your dedicated Project Manager is always on-hand and we have a 24/7 emergency contact number too. Or, if you’d prefer to have that extra peace of mind, there’s the option to have a member of the Inconnection team on site with you. 

04. Business Success

Corporate hospitality has fast become one of the most successful strategies utilised by B2B business due to its wow-factor and flexibility. But not all businesses have caught on to how powerful corporate hospitality can truly be. Discover how you could be benefiting by introducing corporate hospitality into your strategy by reading our blog.

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05. Hospitality 24-25

Whether it's seeing a legendary band live or watching a sporting event that will make history, there's endless choice for unforgettable hospitality in the UK and Ireland. Our 2024-2025 hospitality calendar highlights the key events all the way into 2025. Download Inconnection's 2024-2025 hospitality brochure below. 


06. Contact Us

If you want to start planning your own hospitality package, Inconnection can handle everything from tickets to travel. So, whether it's a day at the horse races or watching the race cars at Silverstone, we can ensure it's a day to remember for you and your guests. Our expert team will handle everything so you can enjoy your chosen event. Speak to us now to get started.

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