By combining outstanding event technology platforms with creative event design, Inconnection is able to deliver world-class Virtual and Hybrid events that bring people together and keep the wheels of industry turning. We work with your team to create the perfect solution for your aims, whether it's a multinational product launch, connecting stakeholders across the country, or improving employee engagement at multiple locations. We offer fully bespoke event or our portfolio of Ready Made Events provide a solution for those needing a quick turn around to engage your audience.

01. Event Formats

Leading businesses around the world are using the power of event technology platforms to put their people, products and propositions in front of the right audiences everywhere, With the help of Inconnection you can do the same with:

  • Virtual conferences
  • Product launches
  • Partner forums
  • Customer sessions
  • Networking events

02. Event Design

Virtual and Hybrid Events are only limited by imagination. Drawing on two decades experience of live events, the Inconnection team takes full advantage of proven technology platforms to create engaging, interactive and inspiring events that extend the reach and lifespan of your content. The secret's all in the planning, which we've got down to a fine art.

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03. Event Platforms

Cloud-based virtual event technology is well established and used extensively by the Inconnection team for everything from registrations to post-event follow-ups. We know how to get the most from the proven platforms and partner the best in the business - including Workcast whose technology has supported 8,000 events in 20 countries for over 1 million attendees.

Workcast Tech

04. Event Interactivity

In many ways, live events can never be bettered - there's simply something special about personal interaction and engagement. However, well designed Virtual and Hybrid Events deliver exceptional levels of attendance, interaction and reach. People are 63% more likely to attend a virtual event than an in-person event, 47% are more likely to ask questions and event content can reach audiences of up to 50,000 delegates. Request our White Paper to find out more.


05. Event Venues

Inconnection has access to all the facilities needed for for success Virtual and Hybrid events including TV-quality studios and a network of connected hubs. Our technology platforms feature virtual venues with registration desks, breakout rooms and auditoriums. And, everything is connected by cloud-based systems that deliver an emersive, interactive experience through Q&As, polls, content hubs and rich media. Contact us for a demo.

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06. Event Examples

One of the most important features of Virtual and Hybrid events is a proven track record. Evidence from around the world points to the success of well designed events from household names including Sony, the NHS, Standard Life and Auto Desk. One of our platform partners has a great Webcast covering the best Virtual Events of the last year, get in touch and we'll arrange free access for you on demand.