Nobody does it like you. No one else has the same set of business values or quirky company culture, so why would they have the same rewards platform?

At Inconnection, we know first hand that every business is different and with that comes different goals and different ways of working towards them. The modular functionality available with MyRewards means that you can build a platform entirely around what’s important to your business and your employees.

Look and Feel

How your rewards platform will look and what it’s able to do is totally up to you.

That’s not to say we aren’t on hand to offer our expert opinion, we love to give advice, but we won’t impose a rigid structure or any compulsory elements.

With any of our packages, your platform can be fully branded with your own logo, imagery and copy. There’s also the option to refine the rewards catalogue so that the products and experiences on offer align with your brand.

Modular Functionality

Points banking forms the basis of any of our MyRewards platforms, but the way points are earned depends on the modules, or module elements, you’ve chosen.


Create a buzz with the MyRewards Performance Module, designed for competitive sales teams and employees motivated by ambitious targets.

There’s the option to track performance at both an individual and team level using leader boards and target trackers or you can introduce more tactical campaigns with bigger prizes such as incentive trips abroad.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, recognition from a manager or a colleague is one of the most effective ways to boost motivation and productivity.

But don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting showering your top performers with over the top gestures. Instead, award points, send e-cards, and give anniversary and long service awards through the Recognition Module.


Whether it’s training programmes for new starters or refresher courses for long-standing employees, the Development module is a great way to keep your team on track.

Employees can earn points through completing online quizzes and interactive tests and there’s also the opportunity to upload reading material and video content.

The Inconnection team are always on hand if you're interested in finding out more about MyRewards.