'Virtual isn’t a short term fix for our industry'

26 March 2020

In our latest contribution to C&IT Magazine, we share our predictions for the event industry in the wake of blanket event cancellations and the sudden demand for digital...

There’s no doubt the events industry is facing one of its toughest challenges yet. For many of us, live events aren’t just about the conference or the sales kick-off but people coming together, sharing experiences and above all else, building relationships. 

We’ve always seen face-to-face communication as an absolute cornerstone of business but as things become more difficult and more uncertain, we’re pushed to think further outside the box. As an industry built on creativity and problem solving, it’s not something we’re shy of and if anything, we’re ready to step up to the challenge. 

Times of crisis have led to some of the world’s biggest breakthroughs and we’re predicting big things for the events industry.

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