There is no better place to bring people together to make things happen than on the golf course. Whether motivating sales teams, rewarding business partners or closing deals - golf venues deliver everything you need. With dates held for Autumn 2022 and Summer 2023, we can get you on course and back to business. Whether you're looking for a full day or want to share an event with a like-minded business, contact us to get the ball rolling today.

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Demand is high for tee-times and golf days, so we've held dates at this fantastic venue for Autumn 2022 and Summer 2023. One of England's finest luxury golf courses, The Grove has welcomed many greats of the game, including Tiger Woods, who won a World Golf Championship at the course. With personalised buggies and lockers, live electronic scoreboards and valet parking your guests will get VIP treatment from the moment they arrive. Download our example proposal to see why The Grove is so special.

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Take Care of Business

One of the unique features of Inconnection Golf Days is the option to schedule your networking opportunities. All our days include multiple engagement touchpoints (including on course pairings and clubhouse seating plans) which we can organise and schedule in advance. So, as well as having a great day out, you can make sure the right people meet, network and talk business. If the event is co-funded it's the perfect way to deliver ROI. Contact us for an overview of how it works.

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From four to forty

In addition to days at The Grove, our free Venue Finding Service will locate the perfect place for your Golf Brief. Whether you're looking for a special place to take a few guests or a destination to host an unforgettable event for many, the Inconnection team is at your disposal. We know the best places to go nationally and internationally. Get started today with our simple, online brief.

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Fully Managed Events

The best golf days bring different businesses together. We can co-ordinate everything on your behalf, liaising with your business partners, suppliers, customers, and prospects to fill your golf day with the right people. We can even promote the event for you and sell teams to your nominated contacts. Contact us to find out how we can make your day a success.

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Make it Special

No one knows golf events better than Inconnection. Our founder, Nick Hamilton, was a golf pro before setting up the business and knows exactly how to make days special. From branded luxury clothing to on-course branding; we make your event truly memorable. With MemMail, you can get things started with a personal invitation that gets you noticed and significantly increases attendance.