Team Building Adventure

The Client

Global software company ($10bn revenues and 20,000 employees)

The Challenge

The client wants to reduce the friction between the teams needed to deliver sales and solutions to partners and clients. The new senior leader in place who wants to make a quick impact while improving motivation and morale.

The Event

A one-day multi-activity adventure challenge which was designed for the larger team of 20 to be split into 5 teams of 4 made up of people from each business unit. They had to work together to figure out clues and take part in challenges, and then come together at the end for one bigger challenge to finish as one combined team with champagne and gifts.

The event started 3-months prior with a zoom call to set some challenges in advance, these helped them with some of the adventures on the day. This helped bring people together beforehand which set the scene for the challenge.

Included was two nights hotel, travel for the challenge, breakfast, dinner and talk about adventure and togetherness, gifts, bubbly, set course dinners. The event was run by qualified guides and instructors, plus all the insurances and liabilities were in place for the activities.

The Results

Internal friction was reduced along with a better overall client experience for the business. This sped up the sales cycle time because teams were more willing to work together. A lot of the team already enjoyed activities like running, improving overall morale, happiness, and wellbeing.
Other benefits are that a lot of the team showed interest in tackling Kilimanjaro so may follow up as a CSR/charity type event that their business can fund and fully support. Also, discussions around a 10% discount code for Kilimanjaro trips as part of a corporate benefit.

Key Facts & Figures

1 Day event
Group of 20
Multi-activity adventure