Long Term Charity Adventure Strategy

The Client

UK based charity in the Automotive sector

The Challenge

To build 5yrs+ of adventure-based charity events to help the charity accelerate their fundraising capabilities with an investment parameter of a 2.5:1 ROI minimum.

The Event

Multiple events have been arranged including a Kilimanjaro expedition for industry leaders and their senior contacts and their reach to help raise £400,000 from a £100,000 budget. Currently they have hit £290,000 and believe they’ll finish nearer to £500,000, overshooting their initial goal.

A team-based adventure challenge event is also running for 50 teams of 4 people with each team targeted on raising a minimum of £6,000 and their investment in the event is £125,000, which would result in a £175,000 gain. They have also raised £50,000 in event specific sponsorship from partners. They’re projection is a 3.5:1 ROI.
Discussions are ongoing for an Arctic based industry leader challenge for 2023, and to run a minimum of 4 adventure-based challenges once we have incredible content to sell more. The charity believes they can achieve over 4x ROI and have budgeted £500,000 in 2022/23 for events.

Aspire is owning everything outside of flights and personal aspects like visas and insurance for travel. Adventure challenge events include catering, tents, guides, instructors, use of safety kit, along with the liability’s insurances, risk assessments and medical cover.

The Results

For this charity they have one partner to work closely with to deliver a massive ROI which helps them to help more people with a lower internal cost for people.
Other benefits are the reach that’s gained by the relationships built. Touch points are in the millions including manufacturers, showrooms, mechanics, and more across the whole industry. This has led to direct work with numerous industry businesses, speaking engagements, and potentially the Academy going out to improve leadership capability and wellbeing across the industry. Another event is in discussion to have 500 people doing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks as a massive wellbeing programme, among others.

Key Facts & Figures

Raised £290,000 so far for charity
Overachieved on their 2.5:1 ROI
50 Teams of 4 people totalling 200