How to Plan the Perfect Christmas Party

31 August 2022

Most companies have them but why are Christmas parties so important in the corporate calendar? And how do you make sure yours is a success? In this guide we cover all the steps and considerations to make sure that your end of year festivities are the talk of clients, colleagues, and partners alike.

Why are Christmas parties so vital to businesses?

Christmas parties are great value to businesses, small and large alike. They provide an opportunity to connect stakeholders and colleagues at every level. They are the perfect opportunity for an end of year-round up, or even an awards ceremony to reward partners and employees. They can also be used to reinforce brand values and the company mission to attendees.

What about the guest list?

Whether you are inviting a curated list of guests or opening the party to the entire office it’s important to have an idea of who will be coming and how many guests will be in attendance. The number of attendees will play a massive role in the venue, layout, and even entertainment options for your festivities. Meanwhile, knowing who will attend and the level of seniority will determine the format and focus of the event.

Picking the perfect Christmas venues?

Your guest list plays a major role in what venue will suit best. Some options will have limited capacity but will make up for it in atmosphere. You should also be aware of how easily accessible the venue is or whether guests will need transportation to and from your event.

Seating is another consideration when it comes to Christmas parties. Are you intending for a sit-down meal, or will you be encouraging guests to get on the dance floor? Either way you must ensure there is ample room for all the guests attending and the planned activities.

The facilities of each individual venue will also need to be considered. Will you need to organise your own catering? Is there heating if you’ve chosen an outdoor venue? Because the last thing you want is for your guests to be left lacking in what should be the corporate event of the year.

Here are just a few ideas of some traditional and some more individual Christmas party venues:

  • Restaurants
  • Igloos
  • Hotels
  • Chalets
  • Rooftop Bars
  • Ice Skating Rinks
  • Private Winter Huts
  • Winter Tepee

We’ve given a range of options here, but it isn’t an exhaustive list, and each venue is unique. If the task of finding the perfect venue seems daunting, our team can offer a venue find service for events to take the hassle out of organising your Christmas party.

Should your event be indoors or outdoors?

Choosing between an indoor venue and an outdoor one can be tricky when it comes to winter festivities. It can be tempting to suggest something outdoors because the met office has promised snow, but unless you’re in the highlands it’s unlikely to result in more than a few flakes and wet ground.

That’s why venues that blend the joys of outdoors with the practicality of the indoors are a great choice this winter. Many rooftop terraces offer cover and heating options, and if it ends up raining you can always duck inside. The other options are igloos and tepees, which pop-up in cities across the country during Christmas, to offer that festive feel without having to risk the Great British weather.

But even if you do settle on an indoors venue, that doesn’t mean it’ll be any less magical. There are many indoor venues that are themed and dressed for the season and the perfect choice for Christmas celebrations including cathedrals, chalets, cabins, hunting lodges, bars and restaurants.

How do you add Christmas theming?

No matter which venue you choose they can be accentuated with theming to add that Christmas feel. Christmas lights and a tree are a must, but there are many choices that will vary from venue to venue such as table runners, themed centrepieces, hanging decorations, backdrops and entrance décor to add the finishing touches. Some venues will already have special Christmas features set up, such as Grottos and Chalets – alternatively, you can hire themed props and staging to create the seasonal magic.

What are your catering options?

You might not be doing catering for your event but if you are there are three main choices – self-catering, buffet, or seated dining. Self-catering brings with it a whole host of logistical obstacles to be overcome which makes it less popular for Christmas celebrations, especially for larger gatherings. Buffets work well for large groups and less formal occasions as it allows guests to browse at their leisure and encourages mingling. Seated dining is better for more intimate and formal gatherings. You may be required to use a festive set menu, or the venue may give your group full choice from the standard menu. The importance is to ensure the catering you choose compliments your event.

Should you add entertainment to your Christmas party?

The final aspect to consider for a Christmas party is whether you’ll have entertainment, and if so, what options to choose. Walkabout entertainment such as magicians are great for less formal settings, meanwhile if you are having a sit-down meal there are options for comedy, cabaret, or dancers. Alternatively, you can have interactive entertainment like themed photo booths, karaoke, or games. There are hundreds of different options to keep your guests entertained and make it a night to remember.

No matter if you want cookie-cutter Christmas celebrations or shape your own, Inconnection can help create the perfect atmosphere for your employees and partners to enjoy themselves and connect with each other. Contact us now and we will craft the festive event of the year for your business.