MemMail Q&A With Dawn and the MemMail Team

28 March 2022

Welcome to our MemMail Q&A with our MemMail Specialist, Dawn! We are excited to share this exclusive look into our MemMail service and the day-to-day work of the MemMail team.

If you aren’t familiar with MemMail then here is a quick rundown. MemMail is a portmanteau of ‘Memory’ and ‘Mail’, and our goal was to create lasting memories in the form of sending event packages through the post. MemMail, our personalised sending service, was created back in 2020 to overcome the challenges of keeping events running throughout lockdown. By combining virtual events with physical gift packs, we aimed to create memorable events remotely, and it was a huge success. Even with restrictions behind us MemMail continues to grow in popularity, and we are constantly adding to our library so that all our clients can reach their guests regardless of location.

Easter MemMail  hamper box

We continue to refine the process to allow us to bring any client idea to reality. Our aim is to make MemMail the most extensive and customisable sending service within the industry. MemMail has the capabilities to make every event accessible regardless of location, physical ability, or any other factors that could inhibit guests from attending live events. That’s why we are constantly sharpening our process to ensure we can provide our MemMail service in the quickest and most efficient way for our clients, because we can’t wait to create the best memories for every guest.

We caught-up with Dawn, who’s worked in our MemMail team for 18 months, to get her expert insight into all things MemMail.

So, Dawn, what is your favourite part of creating a MemMail?

My favourite part of creating MemMail is taking a brief, and seeing it through to the end, along with building up relationships with each of our clients.

I love that! You must get some amazing briefs working in MemMail. What would you say your most memorable MemMail brief has been?

We got an order for 3000 boxes with different types of products for each. We had to take care of lots of logistics which allowed us to learn a lot along the way, and we received some amazing feedback at the end!

That sounds like it was a massive challenge. With so many boxes being sent from the MemMail department I bet sustainability is a hot topic. How do you consider sustainability in your day to day?

Sustainability is so important in MemMail, both when it comes to the products and the packaging. Quite a few requests have been made to use products and packaging that use less ink or plastics. Sustainability is very relevant now and it’s important for us to consider what materials we are using when putting our MemMail together to ensure we are as sustainable as possible with every order.

You definitely seem to know your stuff. So, tell us a little bit about what the average day looks like in the MemMail department?

There is lots of stock checking and counting to make sure we have everything for our MemMails. I oversee following up and updating clients on how their orders are getting along, and generally managing each individual MemMail project. I also work on brokering deals with suppliers as we are always updating the MemMails that can be ordered and working on bespoke briefs for clients.

Wow, you have a lot on your plate, but you definitely have it under control from the sounds of it. One last one, which is the nicest ready-made box in your opinion?

That’d have to be the Sushi Making Box!

Thank-you so much Dawn for giving us the chance to have this chat and giving us such amazing insight into life as one of our MemMail team.

Hopefully this Q&A has opened your eyes about all the things our MemMail team get up to and the sheer scope of possibility MemMail holds for businesses as an incentive package. So, whether it is one of our Ready-Made Event MemMails or developing something custom and completely unique with our MemMail team, we are here to help every step of the way. Contact us now and, who knows, your brief might become Dawn’s new favourite.