How to Create a Personalised Experience with Virtual Events

14 September 2020

We’re sure most of us have had our fair share of ‘virtual experiences’ by now. There’s been global webinars, conferences and even product launches taking place over the internet and we’ve loved seeing how giants like Apple and Google have navigated this new space.  

But our question is, how memorable really are these large-scale virtual events? There’s no denying there’s been a need for these types of online events and in many ways, they’ve been incredibly successful. But at Inconnection, where we're focused on building relationships and making lasting impact for our clients, we think there are other ways to connect online on a much more personable level.  

Keep reading to find out how you can make a lasting impression with virtual events. 

Creating a sense of belonging 

The fantastic thing about the events industry is the shared experiences you can create. We know from our Science of Memories research that creating a sense of belonging is essential for forming lasting memories, so we knew we had to find a way to translate this into virtual experiences in order to make them a success.  

Working with our Ideas and Operations team who are the brains behind our new sending service, MemMail, we’ve developed an event concept that’s guaranteed to be unique, engaging and memorable.  

If you haven’t heard of MemMail, it’s Inconnection’s personalised sending service that’s entirely customisable. It can be used strategically to reach out to your most important clients and contacts, or in this case it can be used as part of a specific event campaign to drum up excitement and increase engagement from the outset.  

Interactive virtual experiences  

Our virtual events are designed to be small and extremely personal, and are based around an activity that attendees can simultaneously take part in from wherever they are in the world. This could be a guided wine tasting, beer tasting or even a live cookery class.

Perfect for select groups of customers, colleagues or associates, our virtual events are carefully coordinated to ensure everyone enjoys the moment. Whether tasting fine wines alongside an expert or cooking up a storm guided by a professional; we take care of everything from welcoming guests to helping conversation to flow. Ensuring the event alone is something your guests will remember for years to come.

But what makes an Inconnection event truly special is not just the event itself, but the personalised experience we are able to create through MemMail. This allows us to take the event offline and bring it into the real world where we know business relationships thrive. 

Offline Event Strategy  

The reality is you can do as much or as little as you like, but for us these four steps are the winning formula. Not only are you making an immediate personal connection, you are nurturing that connection into a real, long lasting relationship. 

So whilst you might not be able to meet up for dinner or go for a drink just yet, there are still ways to engage and empower your business relationships in a time when it’s more important than ever.  

We’re here to help you maximise the potential of your next virtual event experience.

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