Effective Event Trends We're Predicting for Autumn

21 September 2021

Autumn is on its way, so we have composed an essential guide to the most important event trends of the moment. Keep reading to find out more about our tips on travel, sustainability, technology and much more for the best conferences, meetings and team building events.

Traveling post-Covid

Although travel restrictions are easing, delegates may still be wary of traveling abroad, with just 43 countries and territories currently on the green and new rules being implemented in October. Some people are wary of travelling and may prefer staying closer to home.

According to YouGov “Nearly two thirds of the public (64%) would not feel safe travelling by plane currently, up from 40% on 8 June. There is a similar unease about other types of international transport. Over half of Brits (55%) say they’d feel unsafe travelling by train, while 48% would not feel comfortable on a ferry. In both cases, this is a substantial jump from 31% on June 8th.”

However, trust in travel is growing with 30% of brits now comfortable with travel to a country on the ‘green list’ and a number that continues to grow.

Types of Events We Will See Continuing

During the pandemic, conferences, meetings, and other events continued to take place on virtual platforms. This trend is continuing into Autumn supported by a wide variety of platforms that are accessible and affordable.

As events are vitally important for many companies seeking to maintain and build relationships with partners, sponsors, and colleagues, accessibility will always be an aspect we have to consider when planning our events. That is why we expect to see the continued use of virtual platforms and hybrid events along with smaller gatherings and events closer to home.

Event Sustainability

Tying in nicely to our virtual events, sustainability is at the forefront of many of our delegates’ minds. Virtual events are the most effective way of reducing the carbon footprint as there is no travel involved. Along with hybrid events, smaller events closer to home have a large impact on our carbon footprint and reducing travel costs.

Another aspect we have been noticing recently is many event hosts are taking into consideration using recyclable, reusable and eco-friendly products like eco-friendly corporate swag, recyclable décor, and plastic free products.

Upcoming Technology in Events

Event technology is a continuously growing aspect of today’s events. There are a wide range of tech products that are rising in popularity in current times, these have been encourages by the pandemic, sustainability, and overall ease of use.

RFID is one of many types of technology that was created with the aim to decrease wasted time and make things like check-ins easier, with check-in bands and ID cards, that can be re-usable for future events too. Other check-in methods growing in popularity are facial recognition and QR codes which also cut-down on wastage and duplication.

A method that is often overlooked is chatbots. These are mostly used on websites to help customers with queries they may have. A clever way to include chatbots in your events is on your event website or invitations. This easily constructed customer service systems are a hassle-free way to solve your guests’ questions without taking up too much of your colleague’s time.

In the future of event trends, we continue to see that eco-friendly and less time-consuming methods are at the forefront of event planners’ minds. To plan your next event taking into consideration the things we have researched for you, click the button below and contact us – or head to our website and see what we can do for you at www.inconnection.com.