5 Event Ideas for Building the Best Team

6 September 2021

Team building activities can have an impact on relationships within the workplace. Unfortunately, 86% of employees and executives blame lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures. What can you do to improve that? Keep reading to find out some ideas for team building activities.

  1. All Fun and Games

A little friendly competition is a fun way to get your team on the same page, so think about hosting a games day, whether this be traditional sports day-style three-legged race, or board games with drinks, your employees are bound to enjoy doing something different with their colleagues.

Planning and preparation are the key to success with venue, food and drink served and incentive prizes just some of the ways to transform your event from a token gesture to a triumph.

  1. Surprise!

Surprising your colleagues can have a lasting impact. Consider an office surprise in the middle of the workday to increase morale and productivity. The all important element of surprise has the potential to create a lasting memory and a buzz around the business that spreads far and wide. If you’re interested in Learning more about the effects of memories take a look at our Science of Memories Report.

Some options are midday snacks like ice cream carts, or a visit from a celebrity or motivational speaker. Activities like wine or cider tasting, or reimagined board games like real-life monopoly, are always a clever way to have fun in the office. Just remember to find a good connection between your surprise and goals to make the most of things.

  1. Great Escape

Next up on the list are fun, engaging, and clever ways to get the team working together. Escape rooms are perfect for cooperation and with a range of different types, there’s something for everyone. Escape rooms give the opportunity to bond your team, showcase different skills and improve the way people communicate and connect.

A great example is ‘escape the van’ or ‘escape the hut’ in Manchester, this paired with a social event with food and drink is the perfect way to bring together your employees. But remember to make your event especially memorable by working through all the details that make it run like clockwork.

  1. Crystal Maze

Based off the 90’s hit TV show, Manchester and London have Crystal Maze themed experiences full of challenges which require your colleagues to work together to come out on top. This nostalgic game show is great to tune in to your cooperation with your team and can give many benefits to the workplace communication.

Associating your business with well-known brands is a great way to spread the word, a sure-fire way to get your colleagues talking about the things that make your business special.

  1. Team sports

Play around with team sports you’d otherwise not have the chance to, for example: the London Shuffle. Have a few games of shuffle boarding with your team and stop for brunch and some drinks. Similarly try out Bounce Ping Pong in London and give your employees a chance to get to know you and each other outside of the office.

However you want your team to bond, take care to avoid tokenism and temporary fixes. Build a programme of activities that reinforces your culture and shows you value the contribution of your people. The secret to success is careful planning, attention to detail and standing out from the crowd – all of which Inconnection can help you achieve with ease.

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