Few things in business are more powerful than a community of brand advocates, especially in today's intensely competitive world. Well executed advocacy programmes create strength in numbers by encouraging your stakeholders and influencers to engage and spread the word about your brand, products and services. Creating a world of opportunity powered by people. Now, for the first time, you can track and monitor the strength of your network thanks to the powerful Inconnection Advocacy Portal.

01. Powerful People

People are the lifeblood of effective Advocacy Programmes. With the help of Inconnection you can engage your colleagues, customers, partners and associates, mobilising a network whose collective voice is a powerful endorsement for your brand, products and services. As your network already exists, the secret to success is using events, communiques and the personal touch to bring it life.


02. Live Engagement

After the enforced restrictions of recent years, the world has reawoken to the power of face-to-face interaction. Planning and preparation are the keys to success in the new normal, paving the way for live events that bring your communities together to meet, collaborate and communicate in truly inspiring ways. And, with our Advocacy Platform the entire process - from briefing projects to measuring effectiveness - can be managed in one secure place.

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03. Personalised Sending

MemMail from Inconnection has become one of our most sought after services thanks to the incredible effectiveness of parcels with a personal touch. As part of Advocacy Programmes, MemMail delivers even more - making it easy for you to engage your audience in new ways. As well as capturing valuable data, you can measure and monitor the impact of your sends which form part of your Advocacy Scores for organisations and individuals.


04. Better Comms

One of the best ways to spread the word about your brand, products and service is to make it easy for your network to discover and access your resources. The Inconnection Advocacy Portal can host your assets - including marketing and education materials - and the interactions they attract. You can share information alongside your live events or MemMail sends as part of integrated campaigns. The impact of everything is recorded by your Advocacy Sores, providing invaluable insights to engagement and effectiveness.


05. See for Yourself

The Inconnection Advocacy Portal has been built to support your campaigns. From a single event or one-off MemMail to delivering complete Campaigns or Programmes, this powerful platform gives you better control and insight. The best way is to see for yourself, either by asking to be set-up on the system (it is free to access) or taking a look our demo account. However you choose, discovering the power of Advocacy is within easy reach and the Inconnection team is here to help every step of the way.

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