Advocacy Portal Available Now to all Clients

1 February 2021

Inconnection has launched a groundbreaking online platform (known as the Inconnection Advocacy Portal), to give clients instant, secure access to a wealth of information about their live events, MemMails and campaigns. By using the platform, clients can build a detailed picture of the people and businesses that engage with their brand - providing inique insights to their current and potential brand advocates.

The Advocacy Portal is a gamechanger for campaigns and events, providing a wealth of features and functionality to significantly improve how organisations interact and engage their communities of brand advocates. Here are some of the things you can do via the platform:

  • See who has registered for events and MemMails
  • Get the ball rolling on new projects with easy to complete campaign briefs
  • Request and track feedback from people who have attended events or received MemMails
  • Build, import and maintain databases of member records
  • Generate target lists for campaigns
  • Create and easily share libraries of marketing assets
  • Track and report the Advocacy Scores of events, MemMails and members

The Advocacy Portal is designed to grow with clients. You can start simply - for example using the platform to invite guests to individual events or MemMails - and then build detailed insights on the status and effectiveness of integrated campiagns and programmes. Clients feel at home when using the platform as it is individually personalised using their logos, brand colours and photography.

Inconnection has invested tens of thousands of pounds in the Advocacy Portal for the benefits of clients, who are free to use the platform to manage individual projects or coordinate complete Advocacy Programmes. Whichever way, the Inconnection Team helps clients to make the most of the system which is built using Microsoft Dynamics technology.

The best way to understand the Advocacy Portal is to see it in action - either using the demo account which showcases the full functionality of the plaform or by requesting a log-in for your organisation. To get started, simply request a demo or log-in from the Inconnection team.