Experiences with the power to change business. That’s how we think of Inconnection incentives - and we can show you why. From the initial stages of planning using our research-based Science of Memories framework to seamless onsite delivery by our experienced event professionals, we’re always striving for results. But we don’t just hope for the best. We’re revolutionising the way organisations account for the effectiveness of events and experiences with MEMDEX, our memorability index that’s a first for the industry.

01. Case Study

Four days in sunny Palma with an Inconnection-planned itinerary motivated our client’s sales team to go above and beyond. Designed to enhance relationships, reward hardworking staff and create a positive business environment, this was an incentive trip with lasting impact. Read about how we worked closely with the Head of Technology and Partnerships to create an incentive trip he knew his employees would love.


02. Science of Memories

We’re exposed to a huge volume of information everyday - approximately 34gb in fact - and it’s estimated that we forget 40% of that information after 24 hours. So how can you make sure that you, and your business, remain in the minds of customers? We’ve established the most important factors for memory formation and recall in our Science of Memories research so that we can create lasting memories for our clients. Download our research paper below.


03. The Evidence

The effectiveness of incentive travel isn’t up for debate. At least not in the Inconnection office. After 20 years in the industry, we’ve seen for ourselves the long term results it can generate but the Incentive Research Foundation provide the concrete evidence in their white paper. We’ve combined some of their stats with our own research in our Power of Incentives infographic which is available to view and download from the link below.



One of the most important things about incentive travel is memorability. For a trip to have lasting impact, it needs to stay in the minds of attendees but up until now, that’s been difficult to quantify. So to hold the events industry accountable, we’ve developed MEMDEX. MEMDEX allows us to measure the effectiveness of events and experiences, and benchmark them against control measures such as previous events, peer events and alternative event formats.