Our MemMail Sending Service is flexible and adaptable to meet the ever evolving needs of our clients. This page answers frequently asked questions, although almost anything can be made possible.

What do companies use MemMail for?

MemMail is very personal and individual, so businesses use the service to meet a wide variety of briefs. Most commonly, the service is used to help close sales and generate leads. A growing trend since the start of lockdown is for the service to be used to keep colleagues motivated.

Can MemMail be sent overseas?

Yes, there's no limit to where we can go. Our team works with your brief to understand what is needed and determine the best approach - this can involve shipping from the UK or via local logistics partners. Either way, we will choose the most effective and efficient method for your brief.

How do you collect home addresses?

Many MemMail briefs require deliveries to non-business and home addresses, which you may not have or wish to collect. Our service includes an effective way of collecting these for the sole purpose of the delivery via a contact and capture process. Your target audience is alerted to the MemMail delivery and uses a simple online form (accessible from smartphones, computers and tablets) to submit their preferences.

Is MemMail GDPR compliant?

Yes, we take great care to comply with GDPR legislation. This includes our contact and capture process with all data used purely for the approved process and destroyed as soon as it is no longer needed.

Can you store our branded merchandise and corporate gifts?

Yes, this is a popular option, which means you don't need warehousing space or stock control processes. Simply deliver your swag to Inconnection and we'll take care of everything as part of the MemMail service.

How much is the MemMail service?

MemMail is a managed service with a simple monthly fee and annual contract. There's three price options and an enterprise version which is designed around more complex needs. In all cases, you choose the level of personalisation (including handwritten notes), style of packaging (from functional to fabulous) and method of delivery; with everything itemised and optional for ultimate convenience.

How do I find out more about MemMail?

MemMail is designed to meet the individual needs of our customers. To see if it is right for your brief, just contact any member of the Inconnection team.