Our MemMail Corporate Gifting service is flexible and adaptable to meet the ever evolving needs of our clients. This page answers frequently asked questions, although almost anything can be made possible.

What is MemMail?

MemMail is a corporate gifting service that creates bespoke campaigns providing solutions to your business goals. Whether it’s boosting sales, engaging partners, or creating unique marketing campaigns, we have the perfect solution for you.

How do I start a MemMail campaign for my company?

We like to talk! Simply Contact Us to discuss your ideas and we will tailor a MemMail campaign send to suit your goals perfectly.

Who uses MemMail?

MemMail provides solutions for a variety of needs and is most often used by sales personnel, marketing managers, partner relations managers and human resources personnel.

Why should a company use corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting is an incredibly versatile tactic for companies to employ. Corporate gifting has been used to create thought provoking marketing campaigns, engage new starters and boost advocacy, and increase sales opportunities. No matter what the business problem, corporate gifting can provide an original solution that sees higher engagement than email.

What do companies use MemMail for?

MemMail is very personal and individual, so businesses use the service to meet a wide variety of briefs. Most commonly, the service is used to help close sales and generate leads. A growing trend since the start of the 2019 pandemic.

What are the most well received corporate gifts?

Well thought out branded merchandise always proves to be a popular choice to be included in a corporate gift campaign because it boosts loyalty and keeps you in the mind of the recipient. We have an extensive catalogue of branded merchandise ideas perfect for a corporate gift campaign. Gifts which excite one or more of the 5 senses are always memorable long after the gift has been received.

Can you add company branding to my corporate gift campaign?

We specialise in branding and have a range of different branding options available for our clients. This can be as simple as coloured shred and tissue to match your brand colours, a printed logo sticker to seal the MemMail, or fully branded merchandise to include as part of your corporate gift send. We can also get fully branded boxes to make the maximum impact with corporate gift campaign on your recipients.

What are the sustainability options for a MemMail?

We have a CSR page dedicated to the different steps we’ve taken to make MemMail a more sustainable corporate gifting option. Some of the steps taken include recyclable eco boxes, shred, and packing tape, as well as planting 1 tree for every MemMail box.

How many gifts can you send using MemMail?

We handle everything from small scale sends in the double digits, and even single digits for the right campaign, up into the thousands. No campaign is too big or small.

Can MemMail be sent overseas?

Yes, there’s no limit to where we can go. Our team works with your brief to understand what is needed and determine the best approach- this can involve shipping from our UK, US, and the European Hub. Wherever in the world your MemMail is heading, we will choose the most effective, carbon efficient and eco-friendly solutions for your brief.

How do we collect home addresses?

MemMail deliveries are often to addresses which you may not have, or wish to collect. Our service includes an effective GDPR compliant method of data collection via a simple online data capture form. Your target audience is sent a link or QR code to submit their details and we do the rest.

Is MemMail GDPR compliant?

Ensuring GDPR compliance is of utmost importance to us. We take great care in our contact and data capture procedures, using data solely for approved processes and disposing of it immediately when it's no longer needed. Our commitment to protecting data privacy is unwavering.

Can you store our branded merchandise and corporate gifts?

Choosing MemMail means opting for a popular solution that removes the need for warehousing space and stock control processes. With us, you can easily deliver your swag to the warehouse that suits you best, and we'll take care of everything else, including storage and shipment management.

How much is the MemMail service?

We will work with you and your budget to deliver a truly memorable campaign. Whether you have a 'single send' project or a regular 'ongoing campaign' we will create a bespoke proposal detailing the total cost with no surprise add-ons or extras. To discuss your brief please get in touch - we would be delighted to help.

How do I find out more about MemMail?

MemMail is designed to meet the individual needs of our customers. To see if it is right for your brief, just contact any member of the MemMail team.