Introducing our Charity Partner: Together for Short Lives

25 October 2021

Each year Inconnection hosts our London Comedy Lunch. As this year’s event is approaching, we would love to introduce our charity partner, Together for Short Lives.

When a child’s life is expected to be short, Together for Short Lives is an amazing charity whose job is to make sure the seriously ill children and their families can make the most of the time they have together. The charity raises funds for children’s hospice care and aim to improve children’s palliative care, to make them and their families more comfortable in this incredibly difficult time.

They work extremely hard to raise awareness and understanding around childhood death for the families and those around them. They connect struggling families with services and other families, so they don’t feel alone in their journeys.

When a child dies from a life-limiting or life-threatening condition, many families are plunged into financial difficulty. Together for Short Lives offers a Butterfly Fund to the family which provides a one-off grant of £300 to help ease the burden.

Donating towards the charity can provide a lifeline to children and their families, you can also bring the grieving families some financial relief though the Butterfly Fund. One parent shared their story; “We hugged him, we held his hand, we had as much time as we needed to say goodbye to him – never enough. We used the Butterfly Fund grant to buy him a suit for his funeral. I hope he liked it.”

Last year we raised a massive amount for our charity partner due to our great turn out of our London Comedy Lunch. Everyone attending our event has the opportunity to donate and contribute to this outstanding charity and make a lifetime of difference for the children and their families.