Guests' top reasons for attending London Comedy Lunch

4 February 2019


*Please note we are currently hosting London comedy Lunch 2022 this December*


With clients now firmly back in the saddle and 2019 in full swing, we’ve had time to check in with guests from the eighth London Comedy Lunch, held on Thursday 6th December.

Headlined by the incomparable Ross Noble, 2018’s London Comedy Lunch was the biggest ever, with a record 58 tables hosting nearly 600 guests from leading IT, construction, professional services and sales organisations. The event was also one of best yet, with post-event research showing an extremely high Net Promoter score of +80.

With so many of our guests repeat attendees, and the event growing every year, we decided to find out people’s top reasons for attending the London Comedy Lunch. We’ve collated the results – read on for the top 4 reasons why guests attend the event.

1. Developing Relationships 

Strong networks, robust pipelines and quota-smashing bottom lines all start with one thing – great relationships. One Harvard study found that 85% of success in business is dependent on people skills – and on leveraging the right opportunities to use those skills and build relationships.

London Comedy Lunch guests find the event a great opportunity for developing relationships with key clients, vendors, customers or partners.

2. Networking 

41% of professionals want to network more, but don’t have the chance. It’s easy to see why they want those opportunities – 85% of all jobs and contracts are filled through networking.

The London Comedy Lunch’s list of outstanding attendee organisations is fast making it the go-to festive event for likeminded businesses. The right people are in the room, and a complimentary drinks reception offers the ideal opportunity to catch up or seek new introductions with key contacts.

3. Entertaining Customers

You don’t need us to tell you the importance of repeat customers – studies show that acquiring a new customer can be between five and 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one, and there is huge long-term value and transformative potential in moving key clients from a transactional relationship to a strategic one.     

We also know that 95% of people surveyed say that face-to-face time is essential for long-term business relationships. London Comedy Lunch guests find the event’s laid-back atmosphere ideal for entertaining customers. With exceptional catering and complimentary drinks included in the ticket price, it’s a way of entertaining customers that is also sure to keep finance happy.

4. Celebrating with Colleagues

Opportunities to engage and celebrate success with colleagues are an invaluable element of the rewards and recognition mix – helping to boost morale, incentivise results, aid talent retention, and improve corporate cultures.

Engaging colleagues also makes big, quantifiable differences to bottom lines, with reports showing that organisations with higher than average levels of employee engagement realise 27% higher profits, 50% higher sales, 50% higher customer loyalty levels and 38% above-average productivity.

Guests have also been nominating comedians for future events – including 2019’s London Comedy Lunch. The frontrunners so far are:

  • Jimmy Carr
  • Kevin Bridges
  • Russell Howard
  • Greg Davies

It’s going to be another year to remember – watch this space for more details, and get in touch with any feedback about 2018’s event or your suggestions for 2019’s headliner using the button below.


In the meantime, we’ll be capturing the Memdex score for 2018’s event – more on that soon too.