Corporate Gifting Business of the Year 2023 - North West

28 February 2024

Inconnection was named the Corporate Gifting Business of the Year 2023 for the Northwest with our department – MemMail.

We are incredibly honoured to be awarded this title and we will continue to strive to bring powerful corporate gifting to all our clients. You can see the announcement on the SME News website.

We created MemMail, our personalised corporate gifting service, in 2020 to overcome the challenges businesses faced with staying connected during the lockdown. Our goal was to create lasting memories in the form of corporate gifting and remote event packages, hence MemMail.

It was a huge success, even with the pandemic behind us MemMail has grown from strength to strength. Our clients utilised MemMail to connect with their partner network up and down the UK, and it wasn’t long before we had international demand. We opened our Netherlands hub to support corporate gifting for our clients across the EU, reducing our carbon footprint and costs. 

MemMail was distributing marketing material, innovating lead generation, and boost employee engagement for clients across the UK and EU. MemMail was no longer a purely remote solution, it was being utilised to boost attendance of virtual events, increase anticipation of hospitality and incentive trips, and add make live events more memorable.

We’ve even made the jump across the pond, opening our first USA gifting hub in Las Vegas! 

The belief of our clients when we first launched MemMail and the hard work of the team behind it are why we have been named Corporate Gifting Business of the year 2023 – Northwest by SME news. We know that MemMail will continue to grow and connect businesses across the globe, empowering their messages. 

If you want find out how we could create a bespoke corporate gifting solution for your brand, speak to one of the team now for a no-obligation 15 minute call. We’ll spend some time getting to know you, your brand, and how MemMail could redefine your marketing strategy.