Avnet Excalibur Iceland

Avnet briefed Inconnection to create a 'unique and exclusive trip which offers our top performers an experience they wouldn't normally have'. 

Inconnection responded with an all-inclusive, once in a life time trip to Iceland. With plenty of exciting activity options and only a 3 hour flight away, it was the perfect destination for a group who wanted an experience like no other with minimal travel travel time. 

As well as organising flights, transfers and accommodation, Inconnection put together an itinerary which made the most of what Iceland has to offer. The group went whale watching, swam in the Blue Lagoon, enjoyed a 4x4 tour of The Golden Circle and more. 

In the evenings, attendees had time to relax and talk about their day over dinner and drinks at various local restaurants. 

“Inconnection were a joy to work with and met all of our requirements for this trip. It was clear that everything had been thought of to make this a special trip for the attendees.” - Sales Operations Manager, Avnet