Why Use an Online Rewards Platform?

12 May 2017

An online rewards platform can energise a sales team, create exciting competition, drive results and boost morale across a sales floor.

We design, create and manage platforms for some of our most dynamic and high-performing clients, using our experience and buying power to source the perfect rewards and creating an online rewards platform that drives sustained improvement across vital KPIs.

For leaders new to using an online rewards platform the process can seem daunting, but it shouldn't - working with a trusted partner will make uptake and integration simple, and the potential ROI is immense.

Nailing Key Objectives

Sometimes jaw-dropping incentive trips need the right support, and many of our clients choose to run an always-on online rewards platform that supplements larger incentives.

A successful motivation plan has three key traits: focus, repetition and positive reinforcement. An online rewards platform delivers on all three:

  • Focus means clearly delineating what needs to be done, how points are rewarded, collected and 'cashed in' ,
  • Repetition of that focus comes with ongoing comms and a platform designed to reassert and reassure the salesperson of their goals ,
  • Repeated positive reinforcement comes from regular opportunities to earn great rewards.

Sustaining Motivation

Motivation can be hard to define and even harder to sustain. But, importantly for sales leaders, It needs deliberate management.

An online rewards platform creates an ongoing motivational driver that doesn't require constant direct input from management. That helps keep rewards in view while avoiding the programme feeling like an intrusion or micro-management.

Ease of Use & Management

The widespread availability of accessible tech, mobile connectivity and simple, usable rewards platforms are a gift for leaders. Online rewards platforms are easier to use than ever, the results easier to measure and the budget easier to justify.

Users and management can access the platform at any time with the click of a button, allowing its positive effects to reach beyond work hours and the office.

Partnering with an experienced company who create and manage platforms that deliver real value and measurable ROI will minimise the amount of time your organisation needs to dedicate to running the platform.

Overseeing Rewards & Budget

Rewards platforms can be tailored according to budget, objectives and prize choices. Our buying power allows us to provide the incentives you need, often for less than you might think.

The platform provides a simple interface for managing and justifying your rewards budget. The framework is completely scalable, allowing the platform to be easily dialled up as you see the results for yourself.

Whether you have a globally dispersed sales team to keep happy, a vendor promotional budget under tight scrutiny or limited man hours to dedicate to platform management, we can help.

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