Virtual Beer Tasting With a Craft Beer Expert

19 August 2020

Led by a beer expert and tailored exactly to your event objectives, our beer tasting experiences have proven one of our most popular virtual event types.

They’ve been a huge success with clients looking for new ways to spark conversation with customers or catch up with colleagues, but we also know they’re scientifically proven to be memorable and the benefits will be felt long after the evening of entertainment has passed.

What you can expect

Like in the real world, our virtual experiences are carefully co-ordinated to ensure everyone enjoys the moment and the potential for important business engagements are maximised. We’ll be there to welcome guests and make sure conversation flows so you and your guests can relax and enjoy together.

Invitations and Event Packs

Our virtual experiences actually begin long before the event itself takes place, thanks to our personalised sending service, MemMail. You can reach out with a personalised invitation and gift weeks in advance, so there’s no need until the day of the event to start the conversation.

In the meantime, we’ll start putting together your branded beer packs so your attendees have everything they need to enjoy the tasting.

Your choice of beers and accessories

The aim of our beer tasting experience is to create a unique sensory experience, as we know the senses are strongly linked to memory formation and our events are designed to have lasting impact.

Our specialist supplier usually recommends three beers with various flavours and production methods:

  • A popular craft beer such as a Pale Ale or IPA from Verdant which are known for their rich and fruity flavours
  • A sour beer which often appeals to wine and cider drinkers
  • An Imperial Stout which is one of the stronger beers but has an interesting story of barrel aging

We then work with you to combine the beers with branded accessories to promote your company, partnership, or initiative.

  • A branded glass or glasses
  • A branded bottle opener
  • Snacks such as nuts and crisps

Your attendees will receive their package, complete with a personalised handwritten note and instructions for the event to their preferred delivery address through our MemMail sending service.

On the night

On the night (or day!) of your event, we’ll be there to make sure everything runs smoothly but for the most part, you’ll be in the hands of a true beer specialist. You and your guests will be taken on a guided taste tour, complete with a fascinating historical overview and facts about each of the beers.

Because our virtual experiences are designed for small groups, the discussion if often led by the groups reaction to the beers which makes for a truly personalised experience that’s unique to every group.


Keeping the conversation going after the event is perhaps the most crucial part, but with experience and memories you’ve shared it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Our MemMail service can be used to keep in touch, whether you want to send a simple thank you note or a thoughtful gift like their favourite beer from the tasting.