The Top Benefits of Using Registration Sites

28 August 2015

Although there’s still a place for postal invites, using a registration system as part of your delegate communications offers far more benefits in terms of their functionality and capabilities, which are often; more impactful, time efficient, measurable in terms of results and valuable as a resource post event. We have touched on the benefits of registration sites in a previous blog, but now we are really focusing in on the top benefits of using a registration system and why it will prove invaluable for your next event!  

More Impactful

The possibilities are endless as you can completely brand your registration site, whether that’s with a company logo, motto or imagery as part of the site’s header and footer, creating a site that really packs a punch in the eyes of a delegate. Where a postal invite may only include one page of information, a registration system offers a versatile range of information such as agenda pages, links to websites and fields for any information you may instantly want to capture. For example, you might be running a sporting event and need to capture shirt sizes for a giveaway, or desired flight route for an exciting overseas incentive.  Additionally, you may have a key note speaker in attendance to your event and may want to include a link to their biography, allowing registrants access to further information pre event.  

Time Efficiency

Perhaps there’s a change to the timings or agenda of your event, rather than carrying out the arduous task of contacting every invitee on your list and explaining the new information, a registration site allows you to do this with just a few clicks of a button!  You can also send out initial email invites, reminder emails, as well as any updates to the registration system you may have made. This will also make life easier for the registrant who has a designated point of contact and is kept up to date on all event activities and can even access their own registration at any time, to make any changes they wish.  


Registration sites also allow you to measure how many confirmed registrations you have had, therefore giving you instant updates on attendance as well as any cancelled or incomplete registrations, allowing you to instantly make contact to see if they require any assistance. Sending postal invites can sometimes be more about luck, ‘How many attendees will we have? Or did the invite I sent out just end up in the bin?’.   Valuable A registration system also proves as a great resource post event, as it’s an instant database of who attended last time, what type of attendee were they and what was their feedback? Therefore forming an automatic invite list for next time and an opportunity to get them interested early, offering them any promotions or early bird offers.  

There we have it, a rundown of why registration sites reign supreme when it comes to delegate communication, management and data capture for your events. If you have any feedback or thoughts, please let us know below!