Live Corporate Events and Why They Are Important

18 February 2022

Everyone knows blanket work emails to employees, quickly find their way into the bin, or worse siphoned to junk mail. Whilst many companies are still using apps like Zoom to hold conference calls it is important to recognise the benefits of live corporate events.

Spending money on live events may seem counterintuitive to making a profit, but they have been proven to increase productivity. Bizzabo reports that 95% of marketers believe that in-person events can help achieve business goals.  Continue reading to find out all the benefits to live events and why you should be hosting one soon.

Internal Meetings and Conferences

Holding internal meetings is a great chance to prepare employees for the future of the business, as well as set challenges to encourage them in creating their own future. It is also a chance for management to build closer relationships with teams and foster better communication and an open working environment.

On the other side, you have conferences. These larger events are fantastic opportunities to network and build deeper relations with colleagues, clients, and suppliers. Conferences are a prime chance to get speakers in from within different sectors of the business, giving insight to employees on the wider business goals. They can even be an opportunity to reward and incentivise employees within your business.

Bespoke, Rewards & ceremonies

Business conferences are not for everyone and that is why it is important to include bespoke rewards and ceremonies. Recognising employee achievements helps to increase the sense of pride they feel as part of the business, along with their overall sense of belonging. It also promotes colleagues to push themselves, giving them a goal to aim towards, knowing if they work hard, they will get that recognition.

According to Monster employee turnover is at 15% across the board, retaining employees is key for any business. Employee recognition is directly linked to the retention and turnover of staff within offices, meaning it is important to know how to make your employees feel valued.

The sense of belonging that comes from being noticed amongst colleagues’ bolsters self-worth and increases the loyalty staff feel towards their employer. These events can be great to do exactly that with personalisation, individual or team rewards, and ceremonies.

Even if you do not have a live event on the cards at the moment there are other options to help improve employee satisfaction. Freebies like vouchers or monthly incentives, boost employee attitudes. At Inconnection, we can also create and administer a branded reward programme, which can be used by employees to self-manage rewards.

Sales kick offs

Sometimes, there can be a disconnect between upper management and the sales teams, which can lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding for all involved. In person, it is easier for employees to ask questions to managers about what is expected of them. Adding a dedicated Q&A session will help employees feel confident that they can reach out with their ideas and concerns.

Using a live corporate event as the sales kick off for your company allows employees to be involved in what the future of the company looks like. By asking questions and allowing the opinions of employees who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance, gives room for even more improvements. This helps build a sense of camaraderie, letting teams understand their responsibilities in the companies’ goals and a clear idea of what they can do to help it become a success.

Product Launches

Nothing builds genuine enthusiasm for a product like a live launch all the company can be involved in. Using a live corporate event as an opportunity to demonstrate new products keeps everyone included in the process and increases overall brand awareness and advocacy. A study by EMI & Mosaic states 65% of attendees said live events helped them have a better understanding of a product or service.

It boosts the level of anticipation for the launch and excitement for the live event also, knowing that news about the business will be announced soon. This also encourages people to take interest in what is being showcased, by making your product the star of the show.

Christmas parties

Every business has them, but why are they important? Christmas parties are the best way to finish off a year, giving all employees an opportunity to have fun and connect. They allow you to let them know how much you appreciate all of their hard work over the last year and excite them for the year ahead.

Management also can recognise the achievements of the business as a whole and set goals using their reflections as a template, signing off with a call to go into the next year with even higher ambitions.

Whilst many companies have adapted to the new norm of hybrid working, the importance of live corporate events should not be forgotten. They are the best way to show employees, stakeholders, clients, and suppliers how vital they are to the business.

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