Spiff Days: How, What and Why?

27 April 2017

Pop-up events can light up sales floors with the sort of buzz that influences behaviours, inspires big wins, improves share of mind and establishes loyalty.

Spiff days are an easily manageable and budget-friendly option for motivating sales teams, and the right event delivered in the right way can drive results, and improve product knowledge and sales targeting. The key, as always, is to deliver fresh, memorable and exciting events that are laser-focused on key objectives.

Let’s take a closer look at doing spiff days the right way.

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Why Run Spiff Days?

Spiff days offer an opportunity to deliver targeted incentives and messaging around specific objectives. That makes them ideal for a number of purposes, including:

  • Driving sales and improving messaging around a specific offering ,
  • Teaching reps about product spec and value to ensure strong product launches ,
  • Launching or promoting a wider incentive programme

These disruptive, energetic events can break up the day-to-day work of your salespeople and create a dynamic, inspiring atmosphere across your sales floor.

Pre-planning is necessary, but for greatest impact spiff days can be launched on the day without prior warning. Key objectives and incentives can be explained at a morning meeting, lighting a fire under sales teams and sparking next-level performances.

Spiff days also offer huge value as part of running incentive campaigns, helping to keep reps focused on key messages and products at vital points in their year.

How to Make Your Spiff Days Exceptional

The idea of spiff days – days when incentives are offered to sales people hitting specific sales targets – is a simple one.

How that idea is used is up to you. Tallying up conversions on the day and rewarding your top three highest performers, spot prizes for individual high-ticket deals, or targeted incentives for sales that align with key objectives – anything goes, as long as it contributes to a healthy, vibrant atmosphere of competition in your teams.

Whatever shape your spiff takes, a few key considerations can make all the difference. Remember to:

  1. Pre-allocate your budget, and ensure you're working with a partner who can give you a single, all-inclusive cost for your day. Don't get caught out. ,
  2. Ensure you're creating a day around your key objectives. Know what you are trying to achieve with your spiff days, who will be taking part, and how you are going to measure their success. ,
  3. Integrate spiff days into workflows properly. When would be the best, easiest and most effective time to hold your event? ,
  4. Remember that the whole point of the day is impact, incentive and driving key behaviours - but don't forget it needs to be memorable, fun and good for morale too. ,
  5. Communication is key - before, throughout and after the event. Spiff days have to have a strong sense of purpose. Communicating that purpose and your primary objective throughout the day is vital to keeping morale up, driving the desired results and fostering an atmosphere of friendly competition.

The Benefits Can Be Game-Changing

Spiff days can inject energy, fun and focus into your sales teams' year. They can deliver focused knowledge to teams, ensure increased share of mind in partners' sales forces, help deliver key messaging and drive results hard.

They require relatively little input in terms of time and budget, especially if you work with an experienced partner who can take a lot of the heavy lifting of planning, choosing incentives and day management off your hands.

Emphatic results are often seen on the day. Combined with improved understanding of the product, the niche and the requirements of customers, this can result in long lasting sales lift that further helps to inspire and boost morale across your teams long after spiff days are over.

Talk to Us About Spiff Days that Deliver

Working with the right partner will enable you to design and deliver on-message spiff days that drive real, measurable ROI. No stress, no complicated planning and management.