Making Milan Even More Memorable

2 December 2018

This autumn Inconnection delivered an incentive trip to Milan for sales staff from CCS Media, one of the UK’s largest technology and IT resellers. 19 employees at all levels of seniority – from apprentices to managers – took part in the event, which proved unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Reaction to the weekend was outstanding and confirmed how memorable it was for all the guests. There were a number of recurring themes in the event feedback as shown by the quotes below:

Incentive trips to large, high-impact cities like Milan can be overwhelming and leave attendees with vague, rather than detailed, memories of the trip.  Care must be taken to ensure the event isn’t a blur, and that guests form clear memories that continue to incentivise over the long term.

Inconnection itineraries are designed to create lasting impressions. For CCS Media in Milan, the attendee experience was the focal point, ensuring each delegate could immerse themselves in the city with a personalised programme of activities. This helped form vivid memories that can be recalled with ease, generating long-term value from investment in the incentive.   

We always recommend including a ‘hero’ experience within incentive trips, to establish a trigger that stimulates recall. For CCS Media that experience was a private boat trip on Lake Como with lunch at a waterside restaurant, a standout moment that provided each guest with a genuine ‘bucket-list’ experience. 

We anticipate memories of Lake Como will flood back when the guests take part in any water-based activities in the future. The legacy of the event can be monitored by Memdex, our unique event measurement system, which will record the long-term effectiveness of the event.

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