Inspire Your Staff with Events

27 October 2015

Events are critical to inspire and motivate your employees. According to a YouGov survey of more than 1,000 UK workers, events are critical to reverse the “current crisis” of unmotivated and uninspired employees.

The report details that just under 80% of respondents said they felt undervalued and uninspired, but more worryingly, this statistic hints that over 23 million employees might not be happy within their current working environment.  Further findings from the survey showed that 37% of those questioned rarely or never received suitable or appropriate recognition at work and 35% of respondents said they are dissatisfied with the communication they received from senior management. These are quite staggering statistics in this current economic climate where it is vital to retain your best employees and ensure your staff are motivated. Events are critical to reversing the current trend of uninspired employees.
Events are powerful tools that can motivate, reward and inspire your employees, helping you to retain your best talent in a climate where recruitment costs have skyrocketed. Your events could even be driven by your employees, to show them how they contribute to your company’s business objectives. Events aren’t about a CEO standing on stage talking to employees; they should be built around your business objectives and demonstrate to your employees how they are contributing towards achieving those goals. You should also consider developing and implementing strong internal communications to help bring your company together from the top to the bottom so that your employees feel closer to the organisation. This will also help them understand why difficult decisions are made throughout your company.

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