Incentive Travel as a Motivational Tool

17 November 2015

When it comes to incentive travel, many companies make the mistake of seeing it as a ‘holiday’ not seeing how any real meaningful business outcomes can come from such a trip. They are failing to see what many businesses have tapped in to as a great motivational tool and whom are reaping the business benefits day after day. Many companies rely on incentive travel as a way to get the most out of their employees when there may be a need for sales, or perhaps when they are aiming for a specific target. Below we’ve outlined the top reasons why YOU should be using incentive travel to motivate your employees and therefore seeing your business thrive!  

To Achieve Business Goals

If an employee feels as though their hard work is going unnoticed and unappreciated you run the risk of creating a despondent workforce, which will be reflected in the team’s morale and quality of work they produce. Incentives give employees a reward to work towards, encouraging them to stay focussed and hard working. Incentive travel gives employees the opportunity to improve the way they work and their attitude in the workplace, allowing them to improve focus and achieve new goals.  

To Appeal to Everyone

Everyone enjoys being rewarded, however, the effectiveness of these rewards can vary. For example, who doesn’t like cash? but a cash bonus as a reward can quickly be spent and forgotten about, particularly on something mundane like a utility bill! Incentive travel isn’t a ‘thing’ it’s an experience and an opportunity to create memories that will last well beyond the suitcase being unpacked!  

To Offer a Personal Solution

As mentioned in our previous point, incentive travel offers an experience and the chance to try new activities in countries employees may not have ever been to before and would perhaps never have the chance to go to in their personal life. Incentive travel also provides the opportunity to spend quality time with colleagues and in some cases even family members such as spouses.  

To Provide an Unforgettable Experience

Incentive travel reminds employees that their hard work and effort has paid off and has been recognised. Creating an unforgettable incentive will also work as a great motivational tool once employees have returned to the office. Excited employees will be keen to tell other colleagues how amazing their trip was, which will not only motivate them to work just as hard to do it again, but also motivate others to do the same, showing that hard work can be beneficial.

To Increase Employee Loyalty

A rewarded employee is likely to show a lot more loyalty to the company they work for, knowing they are being recognised and appreciated, which means your most loyal members of staff will be your top-tier workers.   So are you a fan of incentive travel? Have you been on an amazing incentive trip that you’d like to share with us? Add to the comments below!