How do Team Building Events Benefit your Business?

6 July 2015

Motivating both yourself and your staff is integral to operating a successful and progressive business.

Ensuring the perfect balance between communication, structure and incentives will result in maximum motivation. One way to achieve this is through team building. However talented, skilled and experienced the individuals in an organisation, they are only at their best when everybody works towards the same goal. Team building activities help every member of the team understand what their colleagues contribute to the overall success of the organisation – as well as the part they themselves play. Within an organisation, frequent informal team building can include anything from weekly meetings to discuss current activity, to after-work socialising. However it is also vital to ensure that there are regular times for organised, cross-organisation team building. Bringing together managers, top performers and key personnel from across the organisation at regular intervals ensures that there is a clear focus on the overall goals of the organisation. Properly organised, an annual team building event will inspire, energise and motivate the team for a full year, but getting everything right and ensuring that the event provides a good return on investment is a challenge.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Whether it’s the stationary you supply for your conference, or the venue you choose to host your guests. However small or large your contribution, we can advise you on the best way to incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability into your events. With an increasing emphasis on environmental issues, business’ are now looking to increase their social awareness and do their bit for the environment: We have a range of award-winning, CSR focused team building events. The benefit of these to both your staff and your business is threefold. Firstly, increased motivation and cohesion due to the nature of team building activities. Secondly the feel good factor of “giving something back” and finally, potential cost savings as these events often use fewer resources. Create a sustainable community or take in the great outdoors and create your own garden. For the more adventurous we can organise bespoke overseas events such as building a school in South Africa or renovating an orphanage in Antalya.

At Inconnection we motivate, reward and incentivise your key people. That’s what we do best and we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results and help you achieve your business objectives.