Event Technology: Harness the power of virtual and hybrid events

27 February 2020

Virtual events have been the talk of the event industry for a couple of years now, but perhaps unsurprisingly, they haven’t quite caught on. Whilst you can tune in anywhere, any time and from almost any device, there’s always been the feeling that there’s something ‘missing’.

It’s certainly not the convenience element, but the truth is that people want more from their experiences than they can get through a live stream.

For us, there has to be a middle ground. A solution that provides the convenience and achieves the reach of a virtual event, whilst still providing that invaluable event experience and what people still want most – face-to-face interaction.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events, or satellite events, bridge that gap by using virtual event technology to bring together and centralise a series of smaller events dispersed across the country, continent or even the globe.

Instead of one large-scale conference which everyone attends, there are multi-location events which run concurrently and are unified by the power of event technology.

The events allow people to capitalise on the power of face-to-face interaction, whilst the virtual aspect makes attendees feel like they are part of something much bigger. Participants from every location are given equal access to resources, with each location acting as an individual ‘hub’.

Streaming can happen from various venues, with the guest speakers spread between locations and tailored breakout sessions that happen at the same time across the entire event as they would traditionally.

To create a cohesive feel, the locations feature consistent branding and the event is powered through an app which also gives attendees the opportunity to engage through live polls, message boards and chat functionality.

The future of the events industry

Whilst we know that nothing will ever replace the power of face-to-face communication, the world is changing and the events industry must adapt to the evolving needs of attendees, business and the environment.

For the first time, technology is making it possible to host events that are potentially more effective and impactful than ever before.

  • Regional events require less attendee travel, reducing the carbon footprint of event
  • Whilst there is the physical element of the event, there is the option for attendees to engage entirely virtually which makes them more accessible for disabled participants and those who may not be able to attend otherwise
  • The content from the event has a much longer lifespan and can be re-visited by attendees in future. It can also be re-purposed and potentially used as a business asset which adds further value
  • Where large-scale conferences may only happen on occasion, hybrid multi-location events can take place more regularly

With first-hand experience of how event technology can not only improve but also totally transform the event experience, we’re your first port of call for virtual and hybrid events.

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