CSR: Responsible Events and Incentive Trips

22 February 2017

Events and incentive travel are unrivalled tools for driving results, lighting a fire under bottom lines and boosting morale.

But this week we’re looking beyond those benefits at responsible events and incentive trips – events and incentives that are beneficial not just for your organisation but for your chosen destination, the people who live there, and the planet itself.

The corporate world is changing fast. This is partly due to a considerable increase in connected, globally aware millennials in the workforce (as of 2015, millennials overtook Gen. Xers as the largest generation in the US labour force). This is one of a number of factors making Corporate Social Responsibility a vital issue for many organisations.

The brightest and best talent look for more in a job than just the right salary and the right title – they need to feel like they are contributing to the greater good, working in a socially aware company and creating a positive legacy.

CSR can help attract, reward and retain the best talent. At its strongest CSR is a fundamental part of an organisation’s business approach, guiding every decision they make – including decisions around responsible events and incentive trips.

There are a number of ways that we can help you run responsible events and incentive trips that are environmentally or socially sustainable and CSR-compliant:

Destination events & meetings

Book a meeting or event anywhere in the world. Enjoy world-class destinations and facilities, and give your delegates, stakeholders and PR team the satisfaction of knowing that all flights will be carbon neutral, all paper used will be recycled, uneaten food will be donated to a local shelter or any number of other options.

Incentive or team building trips

Create bespoke itineraries for responsible events and incentive trips that reward or incentivise performance, boost morale and nurture interpersonal relationships - all around venues and activities that leave a lasting positive impact on your attendees and on the people and places you visit.

Charity challenges

Go route one on fulfilling CSR criteria, create a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience and give something back. Charity challenges - cycling across Europe, climbing mountains, walking the length of the Great Wall of China and countless others - make for great stories and bonded teams that drive performance and staff retention.

Unique, empowering and inspiring, responsible events and incentive trips can still be enjoyed in comfort. Accommodation can be 5*, but will be carefully chosen to ensure strong ecological and/or social credentials. Flights can still be business class or private charters but carbon is offset.

For the bold and visionary, responsible events and incentive trips is an avenue that can be pursued much further. Incentive or team building trips can be entirely built around making a positive social or environmental impact. Teams could help build a school in Africa, reforest or manage areas of wild land in Europe, or with rainforest conservation in South America.

The possibilities are endless, and the marketing or PR collateral is invaluable for informing shareholders and customers about how you apply your CSR principals.

To create your own responsible events and incentive trips, and to give your people, customers and partners a sense of wellbeing and shared positive experience, get in touch via the contact pagenow or call +44 (0)161 482 8222.