5 Game-Changing Events Tech Trends You Can Actually Use

14 August 2018

Over the last decade or so, social media and events tech have revolutionised attendee engagement, event reach and much more. From the simplest away day to exhilarating, outlook-shifting experiences, events now have the tools and the tech to bring people together, initiate and improve conversations, and add huge value.

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Let’s take a look some key events tech trends - real-world, usable technologies that you can leverage for your next event...

Social Media

Social is the events tech trend that just won’t slow down.

A 2018 WeAreSocial report showed that more than 3 billion people worldwide use social media, with more than 11 brand new users starting every second over the past year.

It's a simple, cost-effective events tech trend that can transform the lifecycle of your event, creating buzz or pushing registrations in the run up, and keeping discussion going after the event has finished. Event hashtags can help with building anticipation, unifying conversations, and gathering feedback and images after an event (think wedding hashtags!).

Event Management Software

We can’t talk events tech trends without mentioning event management software - an absolute essential for many events, particularly events at scale.

Easily manage invites, review and contact confirmed attendees in real time, and encourage participation before an event.

With the right platform you can also plan collaboratively with colleagues in other locations through the cloud, and manage pain points like event websites, email marketing, budgeting, supply chain management, travel and much more.

Add in-built data capture to help with that all important, ROI-demonstrating post-match report and you've got software that delivers a whole lot of value.

Augmented & Virtual Reality 

Augmented Reality (AR) lets you enhance your event's real-world environment with hidden content, viewable through a smart device.

Send delegates on an AR treasure hunt, or arrange an event where viewing particular ‘triggers’ through their phones – buildings, graphics or landmarks, for example – reveals a 3D image of your product, or a prize. It’s a high-impact option that will stay with attendees long after the event is over.

Virtual Reality (VR) takes things one step further, creating an immersive virtual environment that offers an unforgettable experience and a great talking point.

Headsets can be pre-loaded with a straight-out-the-box virtual experience, or you can commission your own – talking your group through a new product, taking them on a virtual incentive, or letting your imagination run wild…

Mobile & Video

Mobile devices are one of the key events tech trends right now, which is great - we all carry mobiles, and they can help manage events in real time, engage attendees and measure ROI.

Video is another trend that goes from strength to strength:

  • By 2020, videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic. Cisco

  • Video traffic on mobile devices accounted for 60 percent of total mobile data traffic in 2016, and well over 50% of all video plays are on mobile. Cisco/Adelie Studios  

  • Video views on mobile increased more than 233 percent from 2013 - 2016. Ooyala

Drones are increasingly affordable and accessible, and their panoramic footage has huge value as PR or incentivising collateral. Also, consider using live streaming via apps like Facebook, Instagram and Periscope to enhance both the inclusivity of events (allowing non-attendees to watch in real time) and the exclusivity of events (showing non-attendees what they’re missing).

Connectivity, Wearables & the Internet of Things 

Who knows what events tech trends the connectivity boom and the Internet of Things will give us over the coming years... Venues equipped for live data capture? Smart golf clubs? Augmented Reality wearables as standard?

As a taster, Fujitsu and others already offer wearable RFID tags which grant a wearer exclusive access or unlock unique content without even pressing a button, but leaps and bounds across platforms, devices and physical spaces could offer incredible new experiences and opportunities for events tech...

 Talk to Us About the Right Events Tech Trends for Your Event

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