4 Reasons to Make Your Next Incentive a Ski Trip

12 September 2019

There’s a lot to love about incentive ski trips – the escapism, the money-can’t-buy thrill of learning a new skill or speeding down a challenging run, the party atmosphere as day turns to night on the slopes…

And they work. Incentive ski trips are a fun, effective and highly memorable way of incentivising and rewarding performance, improving morale and strengthening relationships.

They’re convenient too – Europe boasts some of the best ski resorts in the world, many just a couple of hours from the UK. Our favourites include France’s spectacular Chamonix, the easy sophistication of Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy, legendary  Austrian après ski at St Anton, and the dreamy, high-altitude late-season runs at Zermatt in Switzerland. UK-based organisations are spoilt for choice.

But what is it that makes ski incentives so effective? Let’s take a look at four big reasons to make your next incentive a ski trip.

1. Incentive ski trips are a real escape

There’s a magical quality to being in the mountains – it’s a landscape and atmosphere so different from our day-to-day living and working environments that it feels like stepping into another world.

It’s also probably unlike anything else your people do in their year. We know statistically that when UK residents go on holiday, they tend to stick to city breaks (53% have taken one in the last year) or beach holidays (41%). (Stats ABTA)


2. They’re unforgettable (scientifically)

Everything about an incentive ski trip – the escapism and the novelty, the experience of being in beautiful surroundings and time spent enjoying après ski – helps it stick in the memory.

The stories that come back with people from ski incentives also tend to be funnier and more dramatic than from any other type of incentive trip – which aids memory and helps incentivise others back at the office.

The adrenaline involved helps make ski incentives even more memorable. The release of adrenaline “facilitates attention to important details and can produce vivid memories by helping the brain record them in long-term memory”.(brainconnection.brainhq.com) So your people will remember their new memories more vividly and for longer.


3. They’re great for team building – but not as you know it

If you're already rolling your eyes at the words 'team building', you're not alone – a Vodafone and YouGov survey a few years back found that 54% of UK employees think of stereotypical team-building activities as embarrassing or a waste of time. But trust us on this, team building doesn’t have to be corny. Used properly, it can inspire, engage, and add huge value.

An incentive ski trip is a great opportunity for team building. Being away from the office with colleagues and learning a new skill together offers opportunities for your people to grow and succeed together, support and encourage each other, and go home feeling happier, more engaged and more invested in each other's success.


4. They’re a great opportunity for a digital detox

New surroundings and different routines can be a great opportunity to try new things – and ski trips are ideal for a digital detox.

The stats on how we use our devices in the UK may not be surprising, exactly, but they make for stark reading:

  • UK adults spend over one whole day a week online (up from 9hrs a week in 2005).
  • The average UK adult checks their smartphone every 12 minutes, and taps, clicks and swipes on their devices 2,617 times a day.
  • 40% of adults - and 65% of under 35s - look at their phone within 5 minutes of waking up. (Stats itstimetologoff.com)

With countless reports demonstrating a clear correlation between increased phone and social media use and negative mental health impacts (particularly stress, anxiety, difficulty sleeping and lower self-esteem), any excuse for your people to spend some time together unplugged from the matrix and making real-world memories is a win.

Planning your incentives for late 2019/early 2020? The European ski season runs through to mid/late April – consider booking early in the season for great snow and buzzing resorts, or late in the season for more sun, longer opening hours for slopes, and some amazing deals on premium resorts.            


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