3 Steps to Transform Your Lead Generation Strategy

9 August 2021

  1. Incentivise Inbound Leads

It’s a no brainer that the best people to speak to are those who have already expressed an interest in your business. Typically, that might be someone who has requested more information, downloaded something from your website or engaged with an offer on social media.

But what if there was a way you could be truly proactive in your approach? The traditional inbound strategy can sometimes feel like a waiting game but it is possible to make the first move without cold-calling a prospect out of the blue.

Offering an incentive in exchange for finding out more about your business is simple and effective. It means your customers are still the ones coming to you but you can guarantee you won’t be waiting around for them.

Our MemMail Sending Service makes this straightforward and easy to fulfil. To find out how, keep reading.

  1. Use a New (Old) Marketing Channel

There’s nothing new about direct mail but there is a new way to use it. Our MemMail Sending Service is a personalised approach to this tried and tested method that gets results every time.

In the case of lead generation, we work with you to design an incentive offer that appeals to your audience, advise you on how to communicate it and then do all the hard work behind the scenes once the requests start coming in.

We can source, personalise and send virtually anything, from premium branded clothing to useful tech embossed with your logo. We’ll package everything up in your company branding and deliver it directly to recipients preferred delivery address.

To see for yourself, click the link below to redeem your very own MemMail package.

  1. Convert Your Leads with the Power of Personalisation

Incentivising a lead is one thing but using MemMail allows you to add a level of personalisation that is not possible with any other marketing approach.

With MemMail, your prospects are experiencing your brand on a one-to-one level. From opening the branded packaging and reading a handwritten personalised note to having their own piece of your brand to keep in whatever form you decide, it’s a complete experience tailored to each individual.

The result of this is an emotional connection with your company that propels the recipient to take further action. Our own MemMail campaigns have received over a 90% response rate within just a few days, showing just how effective it can be.

To experience the power of personalisation, click the link below to receive your own MemMail package in just a couple of days.

Or, if you’d rather cut to the chase and speak to a member of the team now, give us a call on 0161 498 3311 or email us at hello@inconnection.com