3 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Christmas MemMail Now

11 October 2021

There’s nothing better for relieving the stress of Christmas, than planning your gifts well in advance. Equally, the sure-fire way to damage your reputation is to give a last-minute, badly conceived gift to people that really matter to your business.

That’s one of the main reasons why MemMail has proven to be such a popular service for customers looking for a trouble-free build-up to Christmas and the peace of mind of showing that you care.

However, with December rapidly approaching and demand higher than ever, it’s important to plan your sends sooner rather than later. Read on to discover how MemMail can be magical this year.

Less of the stress

Planning your year is the best way to manage your time. So why would it be any different around the festive season? Christmas is one of the busiest times in retail, with everyone rushing to get the best presents, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the best buys because others got there first. With shortages throughout the supply chain, this year will be like no other so, take extra care to avoid leaving it too late.

Planning your gift buying and composing the best corporate present can be less time consuming and completely taken care of with the help from us. We can purchase your gifts, personalise your box with your branding and a Christmas theme, collect your colleague’s data and send your perfectly composed and handled MemMail box ready in time for the celebrations to start.

Finding the one

When it comes to finding the right gift, the pressure of Christmas may make this difficult, however, with a range of ideas from us and your helpful input we can work together to make your gift box stand out from the rest. Taking into consideration your preferences, branding and budget, it’s our job to make this Christmas trouble-free.

Our operations team has taken the time to put together an unforgettable and varied list of ideal festive gifts for the team, partners, and people that make your business special. All you have to do is talk to us to get the ball rolling.

That perfect gift will be out there somewhere, however after the pandemic, many more people are more inclined to online shop this year. This translates to more product shortages as there are more sales from the same platform.

This Christmas, more than ever, product shortages are expected to translate to higher prices – fuelled by the additional inflationary pressures of higher shipping costs, increased fuel prices and commodity price increases. Thankfully, we’ve taken time to identify and source products with good availability that can be combined to create fantastic gift boxes – examples of which are available online in our Christmas MemMail Gallery.

Good Things Take Time

Corporate Christmas gifts are quite different to your average aftershave set from your family member. Your job is to find the best gift that is appropriate and relevant, that appeals to a wide range of people AND brand it too! All of this takes time.

When it comes to personalising your gifts, without the right suppliers and lead times, this is going to be very challenging, especially as we get closer to Christmas. This is what we are here to do, we constantly look for the best way to provide our services the quickest and most efficient way possible for your convenience.

If you’re looking to be a little different this year with your gift giving, an interesting way is to try our advent calendar type sends. Now this doesn’t have to be a selection of doors with chocolate inside, this could be anything from a mini gin bottle a day to mini-Christmas themed presents.

This may all sound like a nice idea, but gifts like this take time and planning to put together. October is here and it’s time to put your ideas through to us before it’s too late.

The final thing you have to consider is the shipping time. Many companies are understaffed at the moment, and this is no different in deliveries. We all have to ensure that we leave enough time and plan our time efficiently so we can find the perfect gift for the ones that create a positive impact on your company, and so they can receive it in time to celebrate.

Last year there was so much demand for MemMail we had to call time early and stop taking orders from clients. We’ve already taken many orders and anticipate many late nights creating, personalising, and fulfilling gifts that leave a lasting impression. To help you get the ball rolling, click the button below to talk to our team at Inconnection about your MemMail ideas.