Meet the Team: Zoe Fogg, Operations Manager

9 April 2021

Hi Zoe, welcome to our Meet the Team feature here on the blog. It’s been over 18 months since you joined us so it’s about time we caught up!

Can you tell us a little bit about your role as Operations Manager at Inconnection?

My role as Operations Manager is extremely varied and no two days are ever the same. I would normally focus the larger event delivery but since covid, I have been much more involved in the different types of events which has been really exciting, particularly in terms of new challenges and finding great solutions for our clients.

You’ve played a huge role in helping implement Inconnection’s new services over the past 12 months, with virtual events being one of the main ones. How have you adapted what you do to this new platform?

In a lot of ways, the attendee experience we are aiming to create is largely the same but we’ve definitely had to change the way we do things. We are always striving for our event attendees to experience something new, make new memories and enjoy spending time with their clients and colleagues – it has just been online for the past 12 months!

The virtual events that we have delivered have come in all shapes and sizes. We have set up dozens of virtual activities such as wine tasting, cook-alongs and escape rooms to name but a few and these have all been a huge success.

In adapting our approach, it has enabled us to streamline our services, offering quick turnaround times when our clients have shorter deadlines. This has meant we can also respond to our clients’ requests in a much more timely way, offering a really efficient service.

The whole team have been amazing at learning new skills with the technology that’s available to us now and we’re looking forward to making the most of virtual and hybrid events going forward.

A huge part of Inconnection virtual events is the offline experience as well. Can you tell us a bit about MemMail and how that enhances the overall experience for attendees?

MemMail is a fantastic service that we brought in last summer to help our clients keep in touch with their colleagues and partners. We often use MemMail to send out pre(virtual)-event gifts such as cocktail kits or a few drinks to enjoy during an event, however it also works really well as a standalone product.

It has allowed our clients to host so many different types of virtual events that they may not have thought of before, like beer tasting and chocolate making workshops. The result is a much more engaging event, as attendees can get physically involved and have a shared experience despite being miles apart.

The feedback has been phenomenal with almost everyone saying they’ll continue to use it when we reach the new normal which is fantastic to hear.

Can you tell us about the most memorable experience you’ve created for a client so far at Inconnection?

There are a couple that really stand out for me, particularly some of the summer and Christmas events that we delivered last year.

One of those involved an amazing pre-event MemMail send to over 200 attendees which included, SWAG, drinks, snacks and fun party themed accessories.

We delivered a live event from a studio which was streamed to the entire company and included a DJ set from Judge Jules, an amazing party band and a live host. The guests enjoyed making cocktails to kick off the party, danced around their living rooms and shared their pictures on the events social wall.

It came at a time when lockdown felt like it had been going on forever and the event gave everyone an unforgettable experience that they were all craving. It felt like we were doing our bit to ease the woes of covid and spread some real joy.

Do you see virtual and hybrid events still having a place in the events world once live events are back on the agenda?

Absolutely – don’t get me wrong, I miss live and am so excited to get them up and running again, but both Inconnection and our clients have seen so many positives in virtual that I’m sure it will continue.

Virtual has meant that budget can be used in a much more focused way rather than some of the essentials that can create a bit of a blocker, such as international travel and accommodation.

What are you most looking forward to once we get out of lockdown?

So many things, but the main one is putting on my party shoes and going out with friends. I miss the buzz of crowded rooms and groups of people enjoying themselves.  

We couldn’t agree more! Thanks for chatting to us and sharing a little bit of what has gone on behind the scenes over the past year. 

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