Off Grid Charity Fund Raiser

The Client

UK based retailer with global presence (£57bn revenues and 360,00 employees)

The Challenge

This area of the business was suffering badly with a lack of motivation and that directly impacted the P&L. This event was to be fun and energising with an undertone of togetherness, message sharing for the business unit, and create memories that could be talked about in years to come. Another key aspect was to reduce friction, improve information sharing and build a team ethos.

The Event

There was a significant constraint with budget, so we organised appropriate accommodation under the umbrella of this being “off grid” and back to the brilliant basics of life. A one-day team walk was arranged as the togetherness aspect, plus various fun events the night before and after including team BBQ, drinks games, team games, and toys like nerf guns and water guns supplied.

The senior leader arranging this encouraged money to be raised for a corporate charity. Suppliers donated money and goods (food for the BBQ) in return for marketing images and social media reach.

During the event, qualified and insured guides helped run the event and Aspire Adventures owned all liability, event insurance and risk assessments. Included in the cost was 2 nights in basic bunkroom accommodation, guides, team fun kit, support with creating images and content for fundraising. The night before a talk was given about togetherness, teamwork, and benefits of adventure. Further discussions took place during the walk with various groups.

The Results

Team communication and motivation saw significant improvement. Large amounts of money raised for charity. Relationships with suppliers were deepened due to the support given and communication before, during, and after. One quarter after this event the team moved back to profitability and continued to do so while also looking more laterally about how to improve relationships with connected business units which in turn drives further profitability.
Other benefits are that the senior leader was promoted. He committed to do more with Aspire but then Covid hit, and they had to brace for change and growth. Discussions are ongoing with future possibilities including the Aspire Leadership Academy and speaking engagements at conferences, and for their graduate programme.

Key Facts & Figures

1 Day
Group of 22
Large sum of money raised for charity