3 Night Motivation Event

The Client

UK facilities business with European presence (£50 bn revenues and 158,000 employees)

The Challenge

Senior leaders from a sales business unit were struggling with morale and feeling uninspired. The MD wanted something that was inclusive, challenging, fun, and would bring people together.

The Event

A multi-day, multi-event team challenge was created that was built around them having to figure out clues, embark on activities and there was a range of tasks so that people of all abilities and fitness levels could take part. It was down to the team to learn new skills and organise items in the right order to finish within the time parameters. There were small challenges, and bigger events that culminated in them all finishing in one location for fun, drinks, and debrief.

During the event, qualified and insured guides helped run the event and Aspire Adventures owned all liability, event insurance and risk assessments. Included in the cost was 3 nights in a hotel, guides, team fun kit, safety kit, food, and drinks. The night before a talk was given about togetherness, teamwork, and benefits of adventure. During the walk further discussions with various groups. Throughout the event there were talks about benefits, leadership, shared adversity, and other motivational points.

The Results

The morale of the team was significantly improved, and this led to targets being achieved within one quarter of attending. Five of the team realised their fitness and health could be better and embarked on significant lifestyle changes. The whole team loved the memories made and all publicly stated that this was the best team event they’d been on, and they were glad it wasn’t just drinks and food.Other benefits are that this led to four other events including a leadership speaking talk at a leader conference, a bigger team walk on Snowdon and introductions to 4 other business units to replicate this with others.

Key Facts & Figures

3 Night event
Group of 18
Multi-activity adventure