Team Building with Inconnection

4 February 2022

Well planned and coordinated team building events are a proven way to improve workplace culture, cooperation, and performance. The potential of high performing workplaces is confirmed by research from International Data Corporation which estimates that intelligent and collaborative work environments will see 30% lower employee turnover as well as a 30% higher productivity, and an increase in revenue by 30% per employee, than the competition by 2024. 

86% of employees and executives blame the lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures. As part of our own Advocacy Programme – designed to provide unmistakable evidence of effectiveness – the Inconnection team recently embarked on a one-day challenge in conjunction with our partner, Aspire Adventures, whose mission is to deliver world class expedition and adventure experiences across the UK and the world.

Drawing on his vast experience of the corporate world, Jason Rawles, the founder of Aspire Adventures, helped the Inconnection team to design an unforgettable day based on the principle that adventure encourages team development and creates a foundation for good work/life balance. 

Setting out from the Inconnection office early one morning, our entire team travelled from Stockport to Castleton, Derbyshire, full of anticipation about the day ahead.

On arrival, breakfast was waiting for us in the Blueberry Café along with a packed lunch for the adventure. When the buzz quietened down after a hearty start to the day, the team was primed and ready for action. It was time to start our 4 hour hike up Mam Tor with the professional help, care and inspiration from Jason, our expedition leader. 

Our team was in safe hands as Aspire Adventures have extensive experience in everything from supporting local charity challenges to achieving bucket list goals like Everest base camp and Mount Kilimanjaro expeditions.

Through hard-work and encouragement from Jason and our team-mates, we made it to the first summit overcoming windspeeds of up to 50mph. Little did we know, there were 3 more to go. 

Reaching the summit of the final hill, with muddy shoes, cold noses, and a massive sense of achievement, was incredible. The brilliant views were the cherry on the cake. After a long decent, we were more than ready for our burgers, pizzas, steak and fish n’ chips waiting for us at the end. After a few relaxing drinks for most of the team, resulted in a call for future challenges and adventures – in fact, we are already seeking suggestions from Jason who recommended that the following are especially effective:

“UK based charity fundraising challenges (in teams, in tent villages, in big trophy races) are great for team development and wellbeing. Also, small team senior leadership adventure challenges, focused on specific goals, such as improving comms, developing resilience, building courage, and self-esteem. These typically involve abseils, water crossings, challenging hikes, problem solving and more. For high achievers, think of something special such navigating to the Arctic Circle or husky sledding in the Alps.” 

Let us help you develop your work relationships with our team building events and partnership with Aspire Adventures. Send us an email by clicking the button below to share your ideas and let’s start moving.

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