Getting Lasting Value from Incentives and Experiences

1 July 2017

Designed and delivered strategically, incentive travel makes staff feel valued, drives key business objectives, boosts morale and inspires engagement, job satisfaction and talent retention.

The lifetime of incentive travel's 'feel-good factor' can be extended and managed, allowing for huge benefits that can impact your people and business long after the trip is over. That's big news – massively improved ROI on incentive travel, more bang for your buck and a happier workforce.

Let's take a look at ways to maintain that post-incentive travel positivity and drive medium and long-term value...

Communicating the Incentive's Value

Communicate positive messaging around an incentive trip clearly and as broadly as possible to maximise its reach and effectiveness.

Rewarding staff gives them a sense of being individually valued. Incentivising results encourages individual performance and engagement with key objectives. This can be used to drive internal competition, to boost staff motivation and morale, and to help recruitment drives and your corporate reputation.

Ways of communicating the value of incentive travel include sharing pictures and video from your trip or experience using social media, creating PR collateral, or sharing a simple internal newsletter or presentations from attendees.

Making Incentive Travel Attendees Brand Ambassadors

Loyal, valued and motivated staff members fresh from a travel incentive can be a hugely valuable positive force at the heart of your organisation.

Staff returning from incentive travel will want to talk to colleagues about their experience. You can formalise this as part of your incentive review process - and even have them talk to new hires (or interviewees) as part of your onboarding, promoting your organisation as an employer that values its people, helping you to recruit and retain top talent.

Encouraging Collaboration & New Relationships

A change of scenery, new horizons and life-affirming shared experiences can light a fire under sales reps, forge new relationships and bring fresh perspectives to their work.

Those new relationships can be key - collaborative working across an organisation helps avoid damaging information silos and encourages streamlining of working practices. Create working groups to maximise on these new relationships and ideas, and create space in workflows for weekly 'ideas' meetings that invite suggestions for new working processes or tools.

Delivering Incentive Travel as Part of a Structured Programme

You can't maximise the value of incentive travel, even once-in-a-lifetime incentive travel, if it exists in a vacuum.

When incentives fail it’s generally because the organisation’s incentives programme isn’t structured properly. You need to ensure you are building a rewards programme around key objectives, using the right rewards, evaluating performance properly and delivering those rewards for the right results.

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The benefits of incentive travel can continue to be felt long after a trip - if your incentives and rewards programme is structured and managed in the right way.

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